Telemarketing and Contact Centre Services

These days interaction with your customers is increasing. It is important to partner with a company that understands that the first point of contact with customers is a reflection on your business. Whether you need inbound or outbound call centre support or back-office support we attempt to understand your business, ensuring an excellent customer experience.

Our services are designed to maintain and enhance our client’s reputation. Our clients can expect to achieve cost reductions and improved service quality enabling them to focus on their core business capabilities.

We have a fully integrated Contact Centre with both inbound and outbound calling facilities with immense expertise. Our call centre infrastructure has been upgraded to include state of art technology with Automated Dialling, Call Recording and Call Logging facilities. Leveraging this enabling environment is our two decades of call centre expertise. We service customers with a small requirement of a short term campaign to a medium sized long term project of up to 20 seats.

Response Handling

Being part of a larger Direct Marketing Group our Response Handling division comes in handy as either a follow up to a marketing campaign or managing responses generated by other marketing activity conducted by our customer.

Experienced staff require minimal generic training meaning a professionally handled Call Centre facility with all the resources is readily available to you at the most flexible terms of pay per contact.

Lead Generation & Telemarketing

6399470419_d3a1893f77_bWe have been working with organisations on B2C or B2B campaigns for years, fulfilling their lead generation requirements. Our lead generation campaigns are varied as some of them are stand alone Cold Calling Campaigns and some are part of a more integrated marketing campaign with call centre as only one of the many other channels used.

We have developed expertise in Lead Generation within Insurance, Finance, Renewable’s, Telecom and IT sectors. Being transferable, as they are, these skills are leveraged across industry sectors with excellent results.

Our advanced reporting systems provide you with reports for MIS and analysis helping you not only to monitor results but also identify to areas for improvement.

Appointment Setting

If you wanted to take the outsourced lead generation a step forward than we have the history and expertise to do so for you. Appointment setting takes the hassle out of the business development process. We will not only generate your leads but we will also manage the diary of your sales force carefully arranging meetings to suit their logistical plans.

We will spend time with you at the start of the campaigns to make sure we have a complete understanding of the kind of businesses and people you would like to meet so that you don’t travel long distances to know that it wasn’t worth your while after all.

Order Lines

If you are a business which requires you to take orders over the phone, our orderline service can be a very attractive option for you. There are many reasons for you to be looking at outsourcing orderlines but the crux is that taking orders over the phone can hardly ever be anyone’s core business and if you can find a dependable partner bringing efficiency and cost savings it is a no brainer. Our pricing model of charging per order leaves you with no overheads to worry about.

We can take up to 50 concurrent payments through our secure online e-payments facility from HSBC. We are PCI Compliant and run a secure network to ensure highest levels of data security.

Customer Service

Over the years we have developed core skills and a resource pool for being a first tier customer contact centre for our clients. We have been taking inbound calls, managing email and postal communications with the customers of our clients and have been immensely successful with it.

We work so closely with our clients that we have become almost like an extension of their own business seamlessly managing end-customer enquiries.

As much as our customer service offering makes commercial sense many of our clients use us to improve their service to their customers as they are guaranteed response times and improved customer satisfaction levels.


We run Market Research campaigns working directly with the customers or with research agencies. Whether it is inbound or outbound voice based surveys or research programmes we have developed immense expertise in this area, which shouldn’t be a surprise after all it has been over 10 years of doing it.

We have fulfilled research programmes for the likes of Shell where the scope of the survey spanned many geographies. The fact that you can use our services to not only collect data but to analyse it as well.

We are so confident in our abilities that we would be willing to work on completed survey basis instead of a blanket hourly charge.

We have a partner platform in the form of for web based surveying and sampling services.