Multi-channel integration

While the goal of every company is expanding their market, when it comes to on line retailers performing a multi-channel integration can be frustrating.

Envision your business blasting, you get your goods sold everywhere throughout the world. As more orders come in however, it can get harder to sort out your orders, manage your stock, track your shipments and time. This will consequently affect your selling channels. With multi channel (omni-channel) integration from Motivation Marketing, expanding your business can be savvy and competent, merging all ecommerce platforms into one unified system.

Syncing your stock has never been easier

Stock deficiencies and overselling crosswise over numerous channels can be upsetting and time intensive. With our sophisticated multi-channel integration system we can help you connect your channels together utilizing cutting-edge Multi-Channel integration software that permits you to have total control of your inventory across all selling platform. In that way, when an item is sold through one channel, all other channels will get real time updates on stock level and relevant activity.

Channel Integration – Who we support

We have an ever-growing list of on line shopping platforms we can provide integration. See more details on these order management platforms here.

Connecting channels and couriers

Wish there was a way to connect your eBay, Amazon and website orders to your couriers and Royal Mail? There is just such a solution for you. With our in house multichannel integration software we merge not just with your selling platforms, but also establish a connection directly to Royal Mail and other couriers. Consequently, you can automatically print your shipping labels with minimal work. What is more, the system enables you to design or edit all shipping  labels, add them on invoices by using the appropriate label paper.