Marketing Automation and why B2B companies need it


At the age of 2008 the term Marketing Automation didn’t even exist as a term. Today it has reached a 62% in searchability via the internet! how did marketing automation emerge amongst the most popular terms in the digital marketing industry? You are wondering what’s in it for you, is it worth investing in an automated process for your marketing activities? The right marketing automation solution will help you be more customer-oriented, monitor the performance of every marketing tool, and result in accelerating your sales funnel. What else is in it for you? Minimal effort and reduced costs.

Unveiling the elusive term of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a series of online applications that will allow you to automate your digital marketing activities within your strategy by gathering all the tools you need to attract new visitors and potentially convert them to leads.

The possibilities Marketing Automation can offer

By using this type of platform or a combination of platforms, the daily operations will run smoothly for your B2B company. As you are looking to increase your visibility and boost incoming leads, marketing automation will facilitate your online communications with your current or potential audience.

Especially if your B2B company has been using inbound marketing already, will further benefit by using an  inbound marketing automation platform. A star choice would be Hubspot as it is the No1 Inbound Marketing Automation around the globe.

Hubspot will offer you the means to:

  • Boost the number of unique visitors in your website through multiple ways. Via utilising the appropriate SEO tools, via publicising your corporate profile in major social media platforms and also maintain a company blog with a well-planned content.
  • Design and implement targeted landing pages, creating compelling call-to-action (CTAs) and add web forms where your visitors will be able to fill in their details.
  • Automate your email marketing strategy
  • Monitor you overall digital marketing strategy effectiveness, and further optimise your future strategies leading you to the most fruitful direction.

Why investing in marketing automation is important

Perhaps you are thinking about the costs of such an investment. Nonetheless, bear in mind that costs, in this case, are pertinent as you will need to take into consideration the customer’s lifetime value you will gain with this strategy.

It is wrong, however, to believe that a marketing automation software will do everything on its own and that you will get extraordinary results within a week. -Surprise, surprise- in order to maximise the results of your efforts, you will need to invest time to learn how each automation feature performs and then adjust them to suit your needs and goals in you marketing strategy.  Here at Motivation we will make sure your efforts don’t go to waste and we will work with you to create the marketing automation strategy you are looking for.

Finally, keep in mind that marketing automation has a high ROI making it more than just a trend in the digital marketing world. It can really help your company increase sales. Want more proof, a recent survey from Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that 72% of Hubspot clientele saw their sales increase by leaps and bounds. Another survey by Gleanster found that 79% of top performing companies have been using marketing automation fro more than two years.

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