Increasing your Exports with Digital Marketing

Exporting in the UKA well planned digital marketing strategy will help you attract more international customers and fulfil your exports goals.

Exporting plays a major role in any company nowadays especially with online shoppers booming around the world, thus many companies like yours rely on exporting for their growth and overall operations.

Digital Marketing is a substantially crucial aspect that you will need to strategically plan in order to have the expected results.

As Bill Gates once quoted in an interview;

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow,”

proving how very true that statement is, as markets are not defined anymore by geographical borders. In other words, Internet’s dynamic is constantly a focal point in the exports’ growth today.

Moreover it gives companies the chance to promote and advertise their products and/or services successfully in new remote markets where they have no physical presence, meaning it opens up a whole new bigger market to them. According to surveys more than 65% of shoppers like “window-shopping” online prior to final purchase. Consequently, the first thing that an average shopper would do is use search engines as a gateway to relevant information.

If you are seriously considering entering international markets, based on what was mentioned above, you probably understand that having just a bilingual website is far from enough to reach your audience. Even if you have gathered all relevant information prior to entering an international market such as mapping the new market, researching for competition, writing a business plan etc., they are not enough to make you stand out in the global Internet market.

“The secret to a successful online presence is increasing your website’s online visibility and searchability.”

So how do you go about bringing visitors that are interested in your products?

Strategically using SEO tools can guarantee growth in your website’s visibility and searchability. Thus, you will get increased number of visitors, traffic and ultimately higher conversion rates.

However, to have an all round well performing website focused in exports, you will to invest in the latest web design trends and technology such as responsive design, in order to reach the full potential of its functionality and accessibility. Consequently, it will be accessible and easy to navigate by any device from any country. Combining the right amount of an SEO strategy and web design, is the recipe to increasing your website’s visibility on the internet and ultimately increase your export goals.

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