How to Achieve Maximum B2B Lead Generation with LinkedIn

B2B Lead Generation with LinkedIn

According to a B2B marketing survey, B2B lead generation with LinkedIn is one of the most effective tactics marketers use. And that’s not hard to guess as it is the biggest business social media platform with 300.000.000 users globally, giving people the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals or use it as a global platform full of potential leads to grow their business.

Thus, it enables B2B companies to create rapport with their audience via specific tools and settings. You can find leads, create and develop a lasting relationship with them and once they converse  successfully to clients you increase your sales. However, do not expect  that LinkedIn will automatically convert leads or attract impromptu new customers to your company. For that reason, we have gathered for you all the key points and LinkedIn features you can use to company’s advantage.

Optimise you Company’s profile on LinkedIn

Your company’s profile acts like a window through which a number of people are bound to take the first impressions of that your business is all about. You must invest time and resources in building it so that it reflects your corporate values, your mission, your audience and those characteristics that differentiate your company from the competition. In more detail, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Upload a well-designed header image reflecting your corporate identity.
  • Showcase pages building (pages within your group to categorise your services and guide the visitors)
  • Get all your employees to optimise their LinkedIn profile and always be consistent in how you present the company in everyone’s profile summary. Uniformity is key here.

Participate actively in the dialogue

Building a page only will not work on its own for B2B lead generation with LinkedIn. You will need to be active in other areas of the social network where you will most likely meet your potential leads:

  • Find relevant groups and join in: In LinkedIn you will find a plethora of groups with professionals as members that can become your potential leads. Just bear in mind that you will need to actively be part of the group by initiating discussions and commenting. When you are actively present in these discussions, your marketing presence is stronger among people that matter.
  • Connect with like-minded people: In LinkedIn you can first and foremost find influential people in your industry and also people working in companies you would consider cooperating with. Initiate a contact with them and if they are interested in your services, give the chance to get in touch with you by phone or email, so that you can develop a more personal approach.

If after reading this post you believe in B2B lead generation with LinkedIn, all you can do is go in your LinkedIn account and apply all the above tips. It will certainly need time and effort for you to be able to optimise correctly your page. However always bear in mind that in order to make it work best for you, you will need a clear strategy before starting and patience along the way.


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