Guest Post Guidelines

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First send your guest post idea or full article to us via our contact form with the subject ‘Motivation Guest Post’. If you do choose to send us a full article please include a few biography lines and one link maximum. There are no guarantees that we’ll publish your article.

Guest Blog Topics

Motivation is about better business results through Marketing, Fulfilment & eCommerce. Anything that helps businesses get more results is welcome – whether that be able online marketing to telemarketing.

What We’re Looking For

  • Your guest post has to be very good. We only ever publish high quality articles.
  • 100% original content only, cannot be published anywhere else. No-pen names.
  • Minimum 1500 words, extra points for 3000+ word articles;
  • Posts have to be well-researched and practical;
  • Every claim needs to be backed up with a link to a research or case study;
  • Include at least one photo to be used with the post, ideally 2-3 photos. Note: they need to be legal;

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