Going international

Are you  looking to grow your current US eCommerce business into Europe? Motivation Marketing can give the suitable order fulfilment arrangement. Work with us and profit from access to our UK distribution centres based in three UK locations in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and from our experienced staff.

What will your business  gain by fulfilling order from within the EU:

  • Venture into new markets and profit from a increased local brand awareness
  • The EU is a free trade zone, thus there will be no additional taxes or duties for the recipient or sender (apart from UK VAT).
  • Quicker and more savvy transportation to European clients (no more custom delays).
  • Import your items in mass quantities to a UK facility
  • Sophisticated order fulfilment/ stock management/finance accounts

What will your customers gain:

  • Better shopping experience, increasing loyalty and repeated purchases (stemming from  faster order fulfilment and shipping).
  • Building more customer trust while seeing their item has been shipped from a UK address
  • Providing returns to a UK address and payment options sterling/euro are available

Going international with Motivation Marketing

In spite of the fact that you could decide to fulfil your on line orders from any area in Europe, it bodes well to pick a UK fulfilment company such as Motivation Marketing. Let’s just state the obvious and say that UK shares the same language with USA, consequently no obstacles will arise as far as successful communication is concerned taking into account the importance of good communication in business.

By utilising the latest fulfilment and logistics software 3PL, thus we are ready to give potential US customers an exact and picture of what is going on with their orders in our distribution centre, providing always real time data. Moreover, 3PL  offers secure login where you will have total control over the fulfilment process with continuous transparency.

But this is not all, we will also handle any returns. Our dedicated and experienced  fulfilment team will make sure that all returns are recorded in 3PL giving you full access on returns’ history, while customers will get updates on the process as well.

All in all,  when it comes to expanding your fulfilment in the UK you need not worry as we will be processing all your European orders while you focus on other aspects of your business.

According to recent studies countries like UK, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands right now have the most astounding rate of on line shoppers, making them the perfect markets for expanding your business. For more information on how we can help you contact us today.