Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing, is used to kindle interest and deliberate action on behalf of a prospect such as singing up to your newsletter, placing an order or clicking on a specified landing page.

The following characteristics make the direct response method successful. It is:

  • Detectable
  • Measurable
  • Tagline is key
  • Targeting a niche audience
  • Suitable for promoting a specific offer
  • Compelling a response
  • Easy follow up process for both successful and unconverted leads

Overall, to have successful online direct response marketing we need clear goal statements that meet sales KPI’s. We can then use analytics and tracking software  to monitor the progress of our campaign and achieve meticulous results.

Mobile Marketing

You can use mobile marketing to target and attract your clients on the go. Whether it’s sending optimised emails for mobile devices or text messages here at Motivation we can help you.

Since more and more people are using tablets and mobiles all you can do is target these channels and focus your marketing campaigns through them.  Maximize this opportunity and send email shots optimised for mobiles, taking advantage of our expertise in the latest responsive design techniques. From creating mobile optimized email templates to forms and landing pages, we can help you to create a multi-platform journey for your customers that truly delivers results.

Make sure your emails are consistently mobile optimized and easy-to-read. See how your email appears in dozens of mobile, web-based, and desktop email clients.

Email Marketing

We have been using e-mails for what it appears to be a long time, thus we might not appreciate it as we should. Nonetheless, it is your best bet when it comes to customer retention nowadays. With email campaigns, as with all digital advertising, you are required to take a step back and think about what you want to achieve in terms of the message along with the focal campaign goal.

Whether you have offers and promotions to advertise, send thank you notes to clients fro their recent purchases, keeping in touch with them or spark the interest of those less active, you can be really successful by giving them what they need, when they need it.

A successful email campaign is first and foremost based on your recipients’ list so can help you grow and maintain this list by persuading your clients to opt-in. Our email marketing team of specialists will do their best to design and send effective mobile-friendly emails that your recipients will be compelled to open, click-through and take further action. Contact us today if you want to create successful email campaigns.