Why direct mail and online marketing are a good match

imagesWhat if someone told you, we have to go back to handwritten communication? You would probably think it’s going to work since digital communications have grown to be more convenient in many ways. The truth is print media and direct mail can really leverage any eCommerce business given that they are a part of an all-inclusive marketing strategy.

But you wonder, isn’t print marketing dead as a dodo? How would the clients of an online company respond to non-digital advertising channels?

It’s a fact that most people have these questions about print marketing and direct mail effectiveness. What they don’t know is that it really does work for a number of reasons.

Why print is still relevant

Print media can at present be just as accommodating to you, even if your business doesn’t have a physical store-front:

  1. With leaflet marketing and direct mail marketing you engage more senses from your target audience, thus it proves more catchy. By touching and smelling the paper, your potential customers make stronger associations with your brand.
  2. Direct mail and other print material help you understand the effectiveness of your visual design in more than one advertising channels. After all, can you be sure that your logo works well on paper when you only see it on a monitor?
  3. With leaflet and direct marketing, you are challenged to engage with your audience in a different way and not rely on online marketing. In other words, you can audit how effective your design is outside digital channels.
  4. Print will help you maximise your ability to reach your clientèle and actually compliment and support any other digital online channels you use for the company’s marketing.
  5. Consequently, with leaflet marketing you gain a tangible credibility that ultimately reaches your target audience. It is an alternative way to consistently display your business logo, thus you come across as doing serious business, which will increase brand awareness.
  6. Leaflet marketing and direct marketing, in general, allow you to be more personable in your approach. Your audience can see a person behind the business and not just a faceless company.

Tip: It’s always good when appropriate to include a photo and a short handwritten note in any of your print and direct mail material.

  1. With online marketing, you interact less with your local businesses, whereas you could gain so much more when targeting companies and audience locally. Maintaining a loyal local audience is vital to your business. By building that strong bond with you local clientèle, you ensure bigger sales as it’s proven that loyal customers shop more than new customers. What is easier than sending your leaflets through the post in targeted local addresses?

Leaflet marketing in the benefit of e-commerce.

Leaflet marketing and print media is gaining more popularity than you would expect as part of a marketing strategy nowadays. In many occasions when ordering from online stores you get a catalogue or other promotional leaflets from related products and companies. They drive online sales, promote related products thus more and more companies can benefit from it. You can print QR codes on your leaflets or letters and apps to connect digitally your leaflet marketing and online marketing tactics.

Consider printing a small batch of catalogues so as to optimise your marketing strategy later on. By catalogue we don’t  mean a chunky print book necessarily, that might eventually put off some customers. Instead try something like a few pages of your products or feature items that selling better and add it to your orders.

Another idea you should consider for keeping contact with your audience and increase your brand awareness  is posting circulars. Why not try sending locally a single page leaflet or a tasteful  photo postcard every month or so to keep your company in the mind of the consumers? Bear in mind also, that they are less complex to produce and equally useful. The friendly bunch of EAE Ltd can guide you through the principals of leaflet marketing as they have been around for almost 3 decades.

Connecting social media with leaflet marketing

Your first thought is how does social media relate to leaflet and direct mail? The answer is the brand identity. An identity that is consistent and appealing will result in converting those who read your print materials into social media followers and vice versa.

Apart from  a consistent brand voice, there are other ways social media and print marketing can work together and help your brand.

  • You can reach a broader audience by engaging with more generations.

Tip: While older generations are more inclined to print and Millennials prefer interacting online, none  of the two age groups seems to stick to the two marketing channels.

  • Generate traffic on social networks by using calls-to-actions on your print and direct mail. From hash-tagging to liking your Facebook page, more people will engage with your social media.
  • And now that you drive more people online you should share their online reviews on your leaflet or direct mail.

Tip: In that way you are reaching a part of your audience that are not constantly online looking at reviews.

Leaflet marketing, direct mail and online marketing can work together when they are part of a carefully planned marketing strategy. They audience will acknowledge your effort and you will get enjoy more website traffic and a boost in sales.


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