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With three mailing houses in the UK and over 20 years of experience we are a flexible company that can help you deliver a high quality mailing to the right audience.

Royal Mail

  • 40,000 Sq Ft Facility in Glasgow
  • Edinburgh & London Based Mailing Houses
  • Can Fulfil 100 to 1,000,000 Mailing Pieces
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Motivation's Mailing Fulfilment Services

We offer a wide range of mailing services at competitive prices.

Data Sourcing

We first learn about your campaign and what you’re trying to achieve. We then help identify your target audience and source list of who and where they are.

Data Cleansing

We de-dupe your existing list or database to weed out duplicate records and can offer advanced data services. We can also cross-check your data with the mailing preference service to make sure you’re not upsetting potential customers.

Account Management

We assign you an account manager that has the best experience for your mailing, they then work with you to make your campaign a success.


We can improve your response rates but personalising your direct mail message to your target audience.


We can print your mailing and over-print your existing stock. For larger mailings our account managers work to source you the best print prices in the market.


We mail-sort and process thousands of pieces of mail each day and can handle a few hundred letters to more complex mailings. We also offer polywrapping services.

UK & International Postage

With over 20 years of experience we can help delivery your mailing throughout the UK and also overseas through our downstream access partners and priority postal services.


We can capture your returns and send you this information as a data file so that you can keep your database clean and reduce wastage on further campaigns.

Call Handling

We can handle any inbound telephone calls generated off the back of your campaigns and capture any responses into a database that you can access at any time.

Data Capture

Any postal responses whether that be for sales orders, competitions or survey responses can be data captured by our dedicated data team who will de-dupe and produce the reports you need.

Glasgow Direct Mail
Automated Direct Mail
Hand Mailing Fulfilment
Overprinting Direct Mail
Direct Mail Data Capture

What Our Clients Say

Agnes Allan

We work to tight deadlines and Motivation were very helpful. The service was of a very high standard and nothing was too much trouble. Having an account handler you can speak to is a big plus. Dealing with the Motivation team has been a pleasure. They have a fast turn-around time and the mailing landed on time.

Agnes Allan NHS Scotland

Claire Downey

Fast, professional and cost effective – Motivation provides a fantastic mailing service and our account manager, Sharon, couldn’t be friendlier. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

Claire Downey Citizens Theatre

Audrey McCormack

The team at Motivation have always been highly professional offering us a fast, efficient and helpful service and always able to accommodate any last minute request or demand.  I would be happy to recommend Motivation to other companies and organisations.

Audrey McCormack Glasgow City Council

Michael Burns

Motivation is one of the rare companies you come across in business who you can  rely on  100%  – I would always recommend them and can’t imagine ever using another company in this field …. from account manager to warehouse supervisors and staff they are really excellent!

Michael Burns Burns Publications

When Motivation pitched to not just provide direct mail services, but to project manage the service launch, initially we were a little sceptical. However we saw the promise, and it has turned out to be a crucial decision in our journey from being a start up to where we are now. I am glad we saw the potential from day one and Motivation has delivered on all fronts

Norton Energy Solutions

The Direct Mail Process

  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Cleansing
  • Account Management
  • Personalisation
  • Print
  • Fulfilment
  • UK & International Postage
  • Returns
  • Call Handling
  • Data Capture

Setting Objectives

  • Why?

    Why are you advertising at all? Be wary of general objectives, such as to ‘sell more products’, ‘increase purchases from existing customers’, ‘increase market share’, or ‘get more sales leads’. Objectives should be specific – to ‘sell n more product’, ‘increase market share from x per cent to x + y per cent’, etc. Otherwise you won’t know whether you’ve achieved your objectives when the campaign is complete.

  • Who is Your Target Audience?

    It’s hardly ever ‘everyone’, or even a broad subdivision of ‘everyone’, such as ‘all home-makers’. It’s much more likely to be all ABC home-maker’s with children in the South-East, or all specifying architects in Tyne and Wear. Remember that when you’ve identified your target market it’s almost always possible to get hold of, or build for yourself, a mailing list that can accurately reflect the market profile.

    The important point to re-emphasize here is that it is this precision of selectivity – and therefore low wastage – that makes direct mail such an effective medium. So do take care over target specification and the construction of your lists. Otherwise you’re using a champion steeplechaser to pull a milk-cart!

  • How?

    How are you going to use direct mail? Tactically or strategically?

    That is, are you going to use it on its own to achieve a specific, limited and possibly one-off objective – such as selling: units of product or getting y people to attend a concert – or as an integral and synergistic component of a total advertising and marketing plan using a wide range of media? It is one of direct mail’s strengths that it can be used successfully and profitably in either the tactical or strategic role (or any gradation from one to the other). However, while many people are familiar with the use of direct mail on its own, not so many realize that they can use it as part of a fully integrated media mix.


It is becoming more and more important to advertisers to be able to target their advertising precisely.

Increasing market fragmentation – particularly in the consumer arena – means that ‘traditional’ media are becoming increasingly hit-or-miss. A medium whose reach can be defined by the target market – rather than the other way round – is, and will continue to be, a very attractive option.

Direct Mail is one of the very few such media … and the only one that also offers full creative flexibility to match its precision.

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