Data and Analytics

Cloud_Storage_ConceptWhy you need data and analytics:

  • Measuring and maximising ROI by recognising most profitable sources for your website.
  • Can help you in planning a more targeted marketing strategy by identifying visitor groups that have better conversion ratio to being potential customers, members or subscribers. Without knowing which marketing activities are working, you will be wasting both time and money.
  • Optimizing conversions with analytics will enable your company to maximise the ratio of visitors that turn into customers.
  • Will prove cost effective as with web analytics you will improve your on line support performance thus less offline costs.
  • Will help you identify on line opportunities for revenue increase by noting trends in products and even use them as loss leaders, selling them in a lower price and potentially attracting new customers.

There two basic categories of Data Analytics

  1. Conversion: Measure the ratio of visitors that will proceed to desired actions after they visit a webpage based on deliberated content by our content marketing expert.

Some of the conversion tools we are using are Google Analytics providing an all-around data analysis and reporting. As well as other tools for reports on navigation behaviour, for monitoring competition’s performance or for segmenting market through demographics.

  1. Usability: Measure the usability of a website by several factors such as convenience, ease of use and intuitive navigation from the user.

Some of the usability tools we use and can provide you with are heat map generation, mouse click rates and website speed.

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