Customer Experience

new-customerWant to Improve your Customer Experience?

If you have a small ecommerce business one of the things you should be paying attention to is optimising your customer experience on your website. You want shoppers to easily navigate your site, allowing it to be intuitive to their immediate needs and that it is as helpful as a good sales assistant when it comes to suggesting matching items, offers or differently priced options. Here at Motivation marketing we have an experienced on line marketing team that is ready to give you personalised solutions for conveying a more engaging and satisfying experience to your on line clientèle.

Enhance the web shopping experience

Optimal shopping experience means happy customers which means returning customers and a boost in sales. They want to be able to easily review their shopping cart, for two reasons: 1) To make sure they haven’t forgotten anything 2) to see the total cost. We cannot stress enough how important it is to make it handy for your customers to see what they’ve selected and the total costs (including shipping costs and VAT).

Measure Your Results and track customer experience

When you optimise your website usability you will need to track and measure in order to make sense of your performance . Hence, you are able to track standard and custom KPIs for your marketing campaigns, make sense or your data and the results.. Moreover with CRM applications, you can determine things like how long it has been since a customer visited your site or the items they selected. This makes it easy for your customers to get a smooth experience and at the same time, they feel as though you’re treating them as someone special. You can find out more on web analytics and data here.

Follow up is key

Last but not least if you don’t follow up with clients, they can get the impression that you are not interested in them. We can therefore suggest ways and run end-to-end follow up campaigns such as e-mail or text ensuring that you maintain a positive relationship with your customers. As well as being involved, they like a helping hand once in a while. Ask for their review and testimonials as they work well because they build trust and inspire customers to take action.