How Overseas Companies Can Secure Investment By Setting Up And Locating Their Businesses In The UK

More companies locate their European headquarters in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.  Over and above a shared common language with North American and Australasian enterprises, the UK offers people with the talent and right skills, a simple and competitive tax rate system and a transparent regulatory system making it easier to do business.  […]


How Motivation Can Help Agencies Win More Clients

The UK is one of the world’s most globalised economies, and its service sector dominates the economy, contributing around 78% of GDP.  A core component of this vibrant and thriving sector are the myriad of organizations and companies whose remit is to provide a service to another – otherwise known as an agency. There are […]


Why direct mail and online marketing are a good match

What if someone told you, we have to go back to handwritten communication? You would probably think it’s going to work since digital communications have grown to be more convenient in many ways. The truth is print media and direct mail can really leverage any eCommerce business given that they are a part of an […]


Exporting in the UK

Increasing your Exports with Digital Marketing

A well planned digital marketing strategy will help you attract more international customers and fulfil your exports goals. Exporting plays a major role in any company nowadays especially with online shoppers booming around the world, thus many companies like yours rely on exporting for their growth and overall operations. Digital Marketing is a substantially crucial […]


Is the Nuisance Phone Calls Nightmare Coming to an End?

A new law enforced next month by the Government will put an end to bombarding consumers with nuisance phone calls as companies behind them are facing up to £500,000 penalties. Unwanted Marketing – Nuisance Phone Calls We have all been there. Receiving calls with withheld ID, answering calls with automated messages or texts from companies […]


European Fulfilment

European Fulfilment for North American & Australasian e-Retailers

Motivation Marketing is full service Marketing, eCommerce and Fulfilment Company located in the UK providing a robust and reliable order fulfilment service for a wide range of online enterprises. EU Order Fulfilment By partnering with us, your EU customers will receive their orders much faster with lower shipping costs than by dispatching orders to them […]


Hit Your Target Audience with Direct Mail

Ever wondered if there was a way for your advert or trial product to reach your target audience that is hard to ignore? Direct Mail does this through the deliverance of advertising material in the form of postal mail for a range of business users, small or large. Direct Mail lands directly into the hands […]