Case Study: Database Management

Untitled-10Helped a large print media company to streamline their substantial database of customer records.

“Outsourcing the Gas Master Database project to Motivation has been a key part of our success and they have provided us with these services in a professional and cost effective manner.”Energy Sector Marketing Manager


Our client is one the largest media companies in the world and were seeking assistance with the de-duplication, validation and general cleansing of their customer data. Within the first year of the relationship Motivation developed such a strong credibility with the client that we started to manage client’s database of over 86,000 records on an ongoing basis.


Our client is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of Britain’s largest companies that produce more than 300 events each year. Motivation was approached in 2003 to merge twenty seven data files, containing the contact details of individuals and companies attending or exhibiting at various exhibitions and conferences within the gas industry into a cleansed single file. This newly merged file was to be used for a direct mailing and emailing list for the forthcoming gas conferences being organised around Europe.


As the relationship with our client developed, further data files were created and needed to be included. It became obvious that the ‘Gas Master’ database was becoming a valuable resource that needed to be properly structured to be able to deliver all that was required. The database had to be capable of taking in a number of files in any format including .xls, .csv, and .txt . These files would require de-duplicating and cleansing beforehand to standardise fields and ensure correct spelling etc. On occasions, records would need to be data captured and added manually.


Motivation developed a range of procedures included within a Service Level Agreement that fulfilled all the client’s requirements. Currently the details of 86,000 records (73,000 individual contacts), encompassing 60 events are stored and managed within the ‘Gas Master’ database.

The key to managing this database was flexibility, as rarely any two source files were in the same format and often considerable cleansing was required before de-duplicating and merging could commence. All records were formatted and cleansed upon input, to ensure that there was only one contact entry and each source for that contact was recorded to build a history of their attendance at the various events. Furthermore, each
contact or company was categorised by their attendance type, for example exhibitor, delegate or show visitor. As a result the client could select any combination of data records by events, category, country for specific mailing, faxing, e-mailing campaigns.

Motivation produced regular profiling reports so that the Client could see at a glance the make up of the segmented database.