Case Study: Data Capture

The Castle of Mey   The Queen Mother s Home in CaithnessWith Data capture and analysis done for a charitable trust delivers excellent annual report to the members.

“Motivation has provided us with more than what we bargained for really. We would have been happy with them delivering the basic service we had asked for, but they have added value and have been proactive which is commendable” Communications Director


Our client is a charitable trust, responsible for a Historic Castle, which is open to the public and has 25,000 visitors a year. Visitors complete customer survey forms, and the volume of these was too great for the charity to usefully analyse. Motivation has undertaken the data capture of these forms and analysis of the results, This is an essential aid to the Trust in maintaining its “5 Star Quality Assurance” status with the national tourist board.


Motivation were approached in 2007 by the trust, to assist with the analysis of the customer survey forms which had been collected at the end of the visits to the Castle. The increasing popularity of this major tourist attraction meant that the volume of forms was becoming too great to be analysed manually any longer. This meant the Trust were having severe difficulties in preparing visitor statistics for the Trust’s Board, in time for the annual yearly review, which takes place at the end of the tourist season.


The survey forms that had been collected over the tourist season were to be data captured, analysed and a report prepared in time for the annual yearly review. There would be a period of one month from the time the forms were available until the time of the review. The report should show actual visitor numbers, percentages, previous years figures, and annual trends broken down for each of the questions in the survey. Graphs should accompany all the raw figures as an aid to readability of the report. The report was to be printed in colour and bound for formal presentation to each member of the Board (eight members). A spreadsheet detailing the analysis should be provided.


  • Motivation developed a data capture system to collect the information, which mirrored the layout of the form thus facilitating rapid data entry.
  • Developed a series of programs to analyse each of the questions
  • Results were automatically passed into Excel, merging them with the analysis from previous years.
  • Extracted the figures, graphs and trends etc that appear in the final report.
  • As an additional feature we included our own observations on the figures and trends, and the Board have found this extremely useful as an unbiased outsider’s view of the data.
  • Close contact is maintained with the Trust at all times to ensure the schedule is being maintained, that the report is proof-read, and to have their approval before final printing, binding and delivery takes place.