New Distance Selling Regulations – What You Need to Know

With online sales booming nowadays, retailers are compelled to adjust their operations and follow the latest online trends – but that isn’t the only thing changing. Since June 2014, the Consumer Contracts Regulations have been put into effect, a new regulation aiming to increase consumer protection for online shoppers. Furthermore, the Consumer Rights Directive has merged […]

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Content Marketing & B2B Lead Generation

Content Marketing for B2B

‘Content is King’ is the new motto in the on-line marketing world and if you have come across that phrase you probably know that already. The reason it is, in fact, a popular digital marketing tactic nowadays is the increased rate of B2B lead it can generate. Content marketing is a strong card in the […]

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Increasing your Exports with Digital Marketing

Exporting in the UK

A well planned digital marketing strategy will help you attract more international customers and fulfil your exports goals. Exporting plays a major role in any company nowadays especially with online shoppers booming around the world, thus many companies like yours rely on exporting for their growth and overall operations. Digital Marketing is a substantially crucial […]

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Is the Nuisance Phone Calls Nightmare Coming to an End?

A new law enforced next month by the Government will put an end to bombarding consumers with nuisance phone calls as companies behind them are facing up to £500,000 penalties. Unwanted Marketing – Nuisance Phone Calls We have all been there. Receiving calls with withheld ID, answering calls with automated messages or texts from companies […]

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European Fulfilment for North American & Australasian e-Retailers

European Fulfilment

Motivation Marketing is full service Marketing, eCommerce and Fulfilment Company located in the UK providing a robust and reliable order fulfilment service for a wide range of online enterprises. EU Order Fulfilment By partnering with us, your EU customers will receive their orders much faster with lower shipping costs than by dispatching orders to them […]

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SKU’s and Why You Need Them

What is a SKU

What is a SKU? A ‘Stock Keeping Unit’ also known as a SKU is given to an item that is available for sale. The SKU is a unique code that includes specific characteristics of the products, such as size, colour, style etc. the SKU can be a combination of both letters and numbers to make […]

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Don’t Learn The Hard Way, Like eBay

eBay Blog Image

Whether you are an expert in IT Security or a newbie to the web, trying to get to grips with the basics, you couldn’t have missed the reports from last week. Wednesday 21st May, eBay fell into some serious hot water as it was confirmed that the corporate network had been hacked, leaving user’s log […]

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