Best Practice When Serving Customers Internationally

eCommerce European GrowthOf all the attributes afforded by the internet, it is perhaps that of its global reach which is the most noteworthy – whether they like it or not, all online retailers have access to a growing global audience.

As you read this, someone, somewhere is going online for the very first time, and are probably doing so from a mobile device as opposed to a PC. This represents an enormous opportunity for all e-retailers – the world is indeed their oyster.

eCommerce Global Challenges

However, there are a number of challenges to overcome in order to serve this vast global market. Over and above ensuring that their store renders correctly across all mobile platforms, merchants must communicate with prospective customers in a language they understand, theirs!

Relying on automation tools such as Google translate can sometimes do more harm than good – it is always best to engage in the services of a native speaker to assist in this process.

When it comes to arguably the most important stage of online commerce – the check-out stage – it is imperative to let customers pay with a method with which they are familiar. For example, Dutch consumers are used to paying with IDEAL, which has become the defacto standard payment mechanism for online commerce within the Netherlands. And consumers in Europe’s largest market, Germany, are not so keen on credit cards – so it’s far better for them to pay merchants via their regular checking accounts instead. Thankfully, there are a wide range of processing aggregators out there that can help online merchants offer a broad portfolio of online payment mechanisms.

Once a customer has placed their order, they understandably expect to receive their goods in a timely manner. However, if the merchant with whom they transacted are located on a different continent, the chances are they will have to wait weeks before their product arrives. Furthermore, they probably need to pay a handsome premium for shipping costs on top of the purchase price.

European eCommerce Growth – Serving Customers Internationally

Online retailers throughout the world who wish to better serve their European customers should speak with us. We have all the necessary infrastructure in place to seamlessly communicate with most store fronts, allowing merchants to view any stage of the sales process in real time. We can store, pick, pack and ship products, thereby saving both merchant and customers’ alike time and money.

Those involved in the business of online commerce that take these steps will be in a much better position to capitalize on the enormous potential that the global marketplace offers.


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