Accuracy and Reporting

3pl_img05Motivation can help with accuracy and reporting

When it comes to maximising a business’ potential, managing the inventory is a focal point. With 3PL, our sophisticated system we make sure our clients can get accuracy and reporting when needed, allowing them to spend more time resolving issues than locating them.
This allows our clients to:
• Reduce administrative resources
• Save costs and run their business smoother
• Give their customers an excellent on line purchase experience by monitoring accurately their inventory and deliver on time
• Focus on growing their business
• Have an more detailed view on how their business could perform better
• Real time updates
Thus, we eliminate the need to schedule, run and re-run reports. When it comes to our reports, our clients are confident in every decision they make with accuracy and efficiency.

Access 24/7

In that way it gives total access and control of business operations from anywhere in the world. All of our software is web-based allowing clients to check a report, or edit an order from any device. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Alerting, not problem solving

It is better to know in advance what can go wrong before it’s too late. The 3PL system will send you notifications when your inventory is getting low, expiring soon or has failed to deliver on time putting you in total control and keeping your customers satisfied.

Monitoring inventory and re-ordering can be challenging. To assist our clients with that, the software works by using archived sales rates, and alerts them automatically when it is time to re-order from suppliers.

In addition to that, real time reporting identifies forthcoming expiry dates on time enabling our clients to take action and dramatically outdated stock and clearance sales. Contact us  today to find out more.